Corded Leather Nesting Baskets

The ad free, low cost PDF version of this pattern can be purchased HERE.

I made these amazing baskets using a leather kit from Her Leather Co. The kit includes 3 different sized leather bases and leather tags to hide the yarn end! The kit can be purchased with or without basket handles, I did not use handles on my baskets. The kits can be purchased HERE.


I used approximately 90 yards of 3mm Macrame Cord to create all 3 baskets and a 7mm crochet hook but any Weight 6 yarn could easily be substituted. If you do not have a 7mm hook, 8mm would be a good substitute.


Advanced Beginner


  • slst – Slip Stitch
  • blo – Back Loop Only


My baskets are approximately 3 inches tall, you can continue on with the repeated row to make your baskets as tall as you’d like, this will change the yardage of yarn needed to complete your baskets.


Join cord to your leather base using a slip stitch in any of the holes. You will be working with the outside of the basket facing you.


  • slst around leather base into each hole, ending by slst into the hole you joined your cord

*Do not join, you will now work in continuous rows.


  • slst into the blo of the first stitch of the previous row, continue to slst into the blo around

Repeat Row 2 until your Basket reaches desired height.


When you’ve reached your desired height, fasten off and secure cord end, sew on the leather tag provided to hide your end.

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