Duster Cloth

Bernat Blanket yarn is excellent for dusting! While experimenting with this duster cloth pattern I managed to dust my whole house and I was really impressed with how well it picks up dust. I tried the duster cloths on their own and with a dusting spray, the results were fantastic! The best part is that when you’re done dusting you can toss it in the wash and reuse over and over.

As someone that makes to sell, I think these Dusting Cloths would make an excellent addition to any market. They work up really quickly and you can get 7 cloths from a single skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn, meaning they cost less than $1.50 each to make.



  • Beginning chain does not count as a stitch
  • I used a 10 mm hook to make my duster cloths but hook size isn’t essential, you could easily use any hook size larger than 7mm. Note that changing hook size will also change the size of your cloth.


  • slst – Slip Stitch
  • ch – Chain
  • sc – Single Crchet


My cloths measure approximately 8 inches square.


Chain 14


  • sc in the second ch from the hook and each ch across
  • ch 1, turn (13 stitches)

ROW 2 – 15

  • sc in each stitch across
  • ch 1, turn (do not turn on at the end of Row 15) (13 stitches)


Turn your cloth clockwise and sc down the side, placing an sc at the end of each row, place 2 sc in the corner stitch. Continue to sc around the remaining 3 sides, placing 2 sc in each corner, slst to beginning sc. Fasten off and weave in ends!

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