Festive Crochet Basket

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My good friend Clare at Unwrapped Yarn introduced me to wooden basket bases that she makes and sells in her Etsy Shop along with loads of other goodies!

The wooden bases are perfect for crochet baskets, they’re sturdy, quicker to make and look much nicer, the wood adds a really nice touch!

I normally don’t enjoy making crochet baskets because no matter how skilled you are, the joins are ALWAYS visible when you’re using big bulky yarns like T-Shirt yarn, and I really don’t like seeing it. So I decided to try adding a trim and covering up the join.


  • Wooden Basket Base
  • 7mm Crochet Hook
  • T-Shirt Yarn
  • Macrame Cord
  • Removable Stitch Marker

You can use any T-shirt you like, I used Hoooked Zpaghetti to make mine. I don’t know much of anything about Macrame Cord, I bought a cheap spool at Michael’s quite a long time ago, it was about the same thickness as the T-Shirt Yarn.


  • Slip Stitch (slst)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Single Crochet in the Back Loop Only (scblo)


Begin by joining your yarn to the wooden base with a slst (if there’s a right side and a wrong side, you’ll want the wrong side facing you so the right side shows inside the basket). Sc around the basket base, placing one sc in each hole, crocheting over your beginning tail as you go.

When you have gone around the basket base and come back to your beginning stitch do not join, you will be working in continuous rounds with the T-Shirt yarn. scblo in your beginning stitch. If you need to, place a stitch marker in the beginning stitch to keep track of it, moving it with each round to new beginning stitch.

Continue to scblo in each stitch around, making your basket as tall as you want it. I did 5 rounds of scblo on my basket, you can make yours taller or shorter, it’s up to you!

When you’re happy with the height of the basket, slip stitch into the beginning stitch of the round and cut your yarn.

Attach the macrame cord with a slst, leaving a long tail pulled to the front.

Scblo around, join with a slst to beginning scblo, cut your macrame cord leaving a long tail.

Tie the tails into a bow, placing knots at the ends to stop the cord from fraying.

That’s it! The ugly join is hidden behind a pretty bow and you’ve got a fancy new basket, nice job! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can check out your Festive Basket. #blackrosestitches

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