Product Review: Stella»TWO LED Task Lamp

80% of my crafting is done in bed. I set myself up with yarn, tools, snacks and Netflix when my kids go to sleep, as a stay at home Mama to two toddlers it’s the only time I can really focus on crocheting or knitting.

I usually knit or crochet in a half dark room because my youngest is sleeping in the bed next to me, I turn on the bathroom light and close the door halfway so I have enough light to see but it’s not bright enough to wake up my sleeping 2 year old. It certainly wasn’t ideal and was really difficult on my eyes.

Stella Lighting contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out one of their lamps and since “HELL YES!” isn’t an appropriate response I said I’d love to. I was desperate for good lighting in my “crafting space”.

Straight from the box I knew the Stella Two would be amazing, I sent a photo to all of my friends saying “look how pretty it is!” It’s very modern looking and beautifully made.

The second thing I noticed was the weighted base, you can bend the arm in any direction and the lamp doesn’t tip over.

“The weighted base keeps the lamp steady while the flex arm allows the light to be rotated in nearly every direction.”

So I plugged Stella in and started crocheting. There’s a raised touchpad that allows you to quickly switch between 3 different light settings, Warm White, Cool White and Pure White. There’s 10 brightness levels on each setting so you can easily cater the lighting to whatever you may be using it for which was perfect for me, I needed more light but not a flood light!

“Stella»TWO offers enhanced control with 10-Step Dimming capability, both raising and lowering the previous brightness levels offered by the Original Stella Task Lamp. Now you can fine tune the light for even more control and for exactly how you need it.”

One thing that really surprised me, there was no heat, the bulb didn’t heat up AT ALL, this is an incredibly important feature with 4 little hands in my house and it’s completely likely that the bulb will never need replacing, that’s a huge plus.

“The Stella»TWO utilizes new state-of-the-art Philips Lumiled high performance LEDs, offering over 50,000 hours of life along with minimal heat output and no bulb replacement!”

Stella has a variety of lamps to choose from, so it’s easy to choose one that’ll fit into your crafting space and your budget nicely, I know I’ve got my eye on the Stella Sky Two for my living room.

All in all, I have loved using this lamp. I’ve noticed my eyes don’t get as tired after crocheting, I can easily spend 3 – 4 hours crocheting now and feel no strain on my eyes. I’ve even started cross stitching again, which I had to give up a few years ago because it was just too hard on my eyes so I’m SUPER excited about that.

I highly recommend investing in one, it’s the perfect addition to any crafting space and it’s REALLY great for your eyes!

Shop Stella Lighting HERE.

**I was provided with the Stella»TWO LED Task Lamp at no charge but the opinions expressed are my own.

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