Tunisian Simple Cotton Cloth

I have completely fallen in love with Tunisian Crochet cotton cloths, they’re thick, have excellent scrubby texture and are perfect for cleaning.

Full disclosure: this pattern is not an original idea, I’m sharing because my stitch counts for this Tunisian Cotton Cloth will allow you to make two cloths from a single tiny skein of Bernat Handicrafter.

If you need a video tutorial, Jayda InStitches has a fantastic video on YouTube that goes through the process of making a Tunisian Simple Stitch Dishcloth, hers is a little different than mine but the idea is the same. That Video can be found HERE.

Firstly, let’s talk Tunisian Hooks! For making small projects, like cloths, I prefer a straight hook. There a quite a few options for straight hooks, Michaels sells Loops and Threads brand hooks for around $9 CAD and Walmart has some as well priced at about $5. I tested both brands, they work just fine but I found them to be a bit on the heavy side. I normally prefer aluminium crochet hooks but the length on a Tunisian hook added a noticeable weight difference for me and I found my wrist ached quite a bit after working my way through a couple of cloths. I’ve seen some great looking aluminium sets on Amazon but, for me, it seems that a wooden hook is the way to go.

I’ve been using (and loving) the Tunisian Hooks from Furls. I won’t lie, they are pricey but I definitely think they are worth the price tag. They’re light weight, beautifully made and come with a lifetime guarantee. I’ll probably use these hooks forever, so I think it’s a good investment to have something that feels good to use. If you’d like to check them out, they can be found HERE.

Now the yarn! I often buy the small balls of Bernat Handicrafter when it’s on sale and I rarely buy more than one of the same colour. I’m not sure why I do this, I have so much trouble buying multiple skeins of yarn in the same colour, it’s a real problem! Most wash/dish cloth patterns use about 2/3 of a small ball so I always feel like I’m not getting the value out of it that I should be because that remaining 1/3 of the ball usually gets tossed into my scrap yarn box where it collects dust until I decide to give it away. Meaning each cloth costs me $2 to make even though I wasn’t using the full ball of yarn. When I started making Tunisian cloths I realised that they take less yarn to make and if I fiddled with the stitch counts I could probably figure out how to make two decent sized cloths from one small ball of Bernat Handicrafter. So I dug out my kitchen scale, made many cloths and figured out the exact right stitch count to make two cloths that measure approximately 7.5 inches square using all but 3-4 yards of yarn!



  • ch – Chain
  • tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • sc – Single Crochet


Instructions for Tunisian Simple Stitch Rows are for the forward pass, the return pass will always be: yarn over, pull through 1 loop, *yarn over, pull through 2 loops* (repeat from * to * across)


Begin by chaining 23 (or any number of chains to adjust the size of your cloth).

ROW 1-20

20 Rows creates a perfect square for me, if your cloth is not square at 20 rows feel free to adjust accordingly.

  • TSS across. Return Pass.

After completing Row 20, bind off the row but do not fasten off.

*Note that your bottom edge will curl, it’s completely normal for it to happen, although it will curl less by keeping your tension consistently loose.


Ch 1, turn your cloth clockwise and sc down the side at the end of each row, place 2 sc in the corner stitch. Continue to sc around the remaining 3 sides, placing 2 sc in each corner, slip stitch to beginning sc. Fasten off and weave in ends.

There you go, you should have enough yarn left to make a second!

If you’re like me and making cloths to sell, these wrap labels from The Knotty Boss are a must have, you can find them HERE.

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