What Not to Post on Instagram Vol. 1

One of my very good friends said to me once that someone’s Instagram page was full of lettuce, “it fills the bowl but it doesn’t make the salad any tastier” as she went on to explain and it made complete sense. Those filler posts, or Lettuce Posts as I’ve come to know them as, are super boring.

What is a Lettuce Post?

A lettuce post is something you post when you have nothing else to post, meaning you’re posting simply because you feel that you have to, you’re not taking into consideration if the post is actually interesting or not. Some examples of Lettuce Posts:

  • Skeins of yarn that you didn’t spin or dye, mainly store brand yarn. A stack of Lion Brand Thick & Quick is boring.
  • A slightly different picture of something you’ve posted before. We all know it’s not a new picture. When scrolling someone’s page it’s easy to see the “not quite the same but pretty much the same” posts, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, 17 pictures of the same shawl at different angles is boring.
  • A picture of your yarn shelf , we all have them, I can’t say I find yours all that interesting.

These posts are BORING, they don’t engage anyone and everyone knows you’re posting something meaningless because you have nothing else to post.

I think a big misconception about Instagram is that you MUST post everyday. Sure, it’s great if you do post everyday but it’s much more important to post meaningful content and if you don’t have something of substance to post, don’t post. If you have a look at some of the “big name” accounts, they don’t post everyday and continue to be successful. Debrosse_NYC posts on average once a week, there are no lettuce posts, every single post has substance.

Don’t get me wrong, a little lettuce is perfectly fine once in awhile, we all post lettuce occasionally but if you find yourself wondering what to post and deciding to stage some yarn that you didn’t dye more than occasionally, stop.

People will unfollow you if you’re page is boring and it’s virtually impossible to gain followers if there isn’t much substance on your page. When you come across a post that catches your eye the usual reaction is to check out the page, if it’s boring and mostly uninteresting you don’t follow and if it’s full of posts that you want to look at you’ll follow, you never check the date between the posts right? Nobody cares how often you post, we just want to see interesting stuff!

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